As an amazing kindergarten, we should not only to let parents know how much we has been done for children, but also inform them the most important things they should concern about. A successful kindergarten should love their children more than parents, Control the daily life of children in anytime.


    The TSINRAY kindergarten activation project is a leading one-stops service platform, it aims to improve kindergarten overall operation ability, and provide professional guidance, training and solution. Completely raising the level of preschool education services, quickly solve the problems from operation, management and profitability, which is a good way to increase its own value and create higher brand value.


    Kindergarten operation management training, brand strategy planning, curriculum framework design, kindergarten environment design & modification, operational software system develop, teaching tools development and update, the HONG KONG TSINRAY brand introduction, the kindergartens optimization services, hosted services and large operation platform.

    Education services Concept

    1.The only mission for children is grow up happily.
    2.Role-playing game allow children to experience life.
    3.Allow children more outdoor activities and chance to get in touch with nature, rather than be a bookworm and lack of exercise.

    Major expertsTeam

    Dr.James Ho, Mrs Chu Yuan, Dr.Allan YU,

    Dr.Lu, Mr zhou, Miss Lacy and other well-known experts.

    Activation and RenewalProcess

    1. Scientific diagnosis, investigation and analysis
    2. Diagnostic report
    3. Planning scheme
    4. Services agreement
    5. Services implement
    6. Follow-up service

    Trinity integration servicesSolution

    1. Face-to-face kindergarten marketing approach.
    2. Advanced learning program: Offline kindergarten principal and teacher training program.
    3. Free education platform; Online distance learning program.

    Kindergarten for details

    New concept,New challenge, Mutually beneficial wins are now!


    International Team

    1. Professional American teacher resources
    2. Senior expert forum
    3. World’s high-end kindergarten inspection
    4. Overseas tour class

    Diversity of course resources

    1. European style course
    2. American style course
    3. International Elite education resources base

    Effective diagnostic

    1. Intelligent platform
    2. Scientific analysis
    3. International office system

    Quality upgrade services

    1. Single upgrade scheme, create a new profit starting point.
    2. Comprehensive upgrade scheme, create new mutually beneficial generation.
    3. Nursery upgrade scheme, late return, high profit.

    Preschool parenting class.Click for more details

    Cherry parent-child international center

    In the TSINRAY international kindergarten functional class, we are started early baby class which are target the ages from 0 to 3 babies. Using “garden in the kindergarten” early baby course to help baby more easily adapt to kindergarten life, also anticipated early baby students resources in the same time.

    Procedure of CHERRY

    The TSINRAY international kindergarten early preschool course carry on the leading early education expert experiences at home and abroad. Combined with early education experts experiences and smart education system, we have developed an international early education course, which dedicated to providing quality courses and services for Chinese parents.

    Concept of CHERRY

    Through our curriculum will achieve the education goals including child interaction, music literacy, artistic development, strengthening body constitution, shaping health personality and social communication ability. Create a platform for children to connect with the international community, allow them to grow healthily in terms of physical and social ability.

    Curriculum of CHERRY

    1. Parent-child Classes
    2. Half-day early education course
    3. Child basic transition course
    4. Feature course、theme activities

    Services of CHERRY

    Focus on child’s own development and discover the child’s strength in time.Formulate reasonable teaching plan, and respect each child’s personality development. Provided parents and children with rich early education training classes to develop baby’s intelligence and emotional intelligence, in order to motivate parent-child relationship.

    Teaching Aids of CHERRY

    The professional teaching aids are developed independently by the HongKong TSINRAY international education research and develop group, provide the most secure and caring teaching aids for each baby and parent.

    Strengths of CHERRY

    Brand support、Curriculum support、Operation support、Training support、Material and Logistic support、Intelligence support、Decoration design support


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    Environment and Recruitment.Click for details

    Create a diversified kindergarten environment to help you get into future education structure

    “Human not only the creature by environment, but also creators of environment” The kindergarten we are building is a smart campus for the unknown future, we are aim to construct high-performance, multi-functional, intelligence, humanized, secure and environmental-friendly kindergarten. We need to nurture our children and teach them lifelong learning , which enable them continuous growth.

    Advanced for details

    Provided quality management training and learning opportunities for kindergarten Practitioners.

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